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Market Intelligence for Property Management Companies

ApartmentData.com offers simple analytical market intelligence tools containing high quality property data. We deliver the property management data needed to confidently price your properties. Our apartment data research gives you actionable information on the most current pricing trends on a floor plan basis. Plus, our construction pipeline reports help you monitor newly opened properties, those that are under construction and those that are planning to be built. These statistics help you make the most informed decisions for optimizing NOI.

The Services We Provide

Our data tools are populated by monthly surveys contacting every property in our database every month. These surveys gather detailed information on floorplan pricing, operating policies and occupancy. Our Price Analyzer tool compares the price of all similar sized floorplans in a group of competing properties. With such analysis, property managers gain confidence and justification with pricing positions or insight where adjustments are needed on a floorplan by floorplan basis. The Price Analyzer tool also provides third-party guidance, verification and benchmarking for Revenue Management Systems.

At ApartmentData.com, we offer an array of tools and service levels for proactive property management. In addition, our team can expand your marketing reach with digital brochures, social media posts and communications designed to enhance the visibility of your properties.

Budgeting Life Line

Having historical information is a crucial part of the budgeting process. History defines where your budget starts with fundamental points and provides boundaries for expectations. After all, Confucius once said, “Study the past if you want to define the future”. Our Platform contains historical rent levels and trends, occupancy and absorption at the property and sub market levels. Similarly, our Construction Pipeline reports provide a picture of the future of new supply which could prove to be the biggest determinant of budget expectations.

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Standard Reports

Custom Reports and Consultation

Please contact us, If you don’t see what you need. We develop custom reports for many of our customers and would be happy to quote you a custom report or work with you to offer a solution which addresses your needs.